5 Tips to get over culture shock in Canada

5 Tips to get over culture shock in Canada

How far have you travelled to experience Canadian life? Are you nervous about missing your family, friends and home comforts?

Well, no matter what nationality you are, at times we can all get a little bit homesick, especially if the culture can be quite the opposite of our own.

If you’re worried about you integrating into a new culture, it’s ok that’s completely normal. Here at Five Star Homestays, we are to help and have a few tips to get over culture shock in Canada.

They are:

1.    Become involved

At first, the new surroundings, food, people, way of life and much more can be hard to digest. One way of transitioning quicker into Canadian culture is to become involved. When we say this, we mean involve yourself socially with your hosts. Go out, meet new people, join clubs and take everything into the fullest. No matter how hard it is, step out of your comfort zone. Then, over time the differences in cultures maybe come minute, and because you’ve been exposed to them regularly, it becomes a home away from home.

  1. Speak to your College or Other Students

Some colleges run mentorship programs, where they pair you up with senior and experienced students. These mentors are specifically there to help people with any worries or advice, making their student life on campus a memorable one. Similarly, colleges often have counsellors where they are free to chat about your fears. Don’t forget; you aren’t the only one experiencing this! You may find some international students have gone or going through what you are experiencing. If you speak to them, they may provide you with tips or comfort talking about your struggle.

3. Research about Canada

You’re travelling or living in Canada? What better than to research and use the excellent free resource we all have at our fingertips, the internet. You can find plenty of information online in the form and text, videos and information guides helping you to know about your new destination.

4. Use Support Service Five Star Home Stay

 All of us at Five Star Home Stay are here to help your transition. If you have any worries or want advice, you can contact us any time by a phone call or email; we are happy to help. Often when you ask questions, it helps turn confusion into knowledge,

5. Bring Memementoes from home

What do you miss about your own culture? It could be food, your family or friends? To make it easier to get over culture shock in Canada bring photos of your loved ones. That way, you will feel like they’re there all of the time with you. Similarly, bring some local snacks from home and munch on them when you’re homesick.