So you’ve agreed to stay with a local host family, during your studying in Canada. You know you’ve been paired up, and you most likely have similar interests. You’ve had little contact with them before your arrival and want to know how to break the ice.

We suggest, an excellent way to break the ice and show you are a great person to live with is starting and throughout your stage is to show sweet gestures of appreciation to the host families.

How do you do so?

While they’re many sweet gestures of appreciation out there, we recommend doing these simple actions.

1.    Bring a gift from your home country.

Put yourself into your host families’ shoes; they are essentially taking in an international stranger into their home. They are taking YOU in as a family member, just like all family members you want to make them feel special and appreciated. One way of doing this is, is from the very beginning. On your arrival, bring them a gift from your home countries such as some food, snacks, sweet treats, notebook, clothing or anything else native to your culture. It will provide a great channel to communicate between at first, breaking the ice.

2.    Cook for them

Whatever accommodation package you are on, you are using their home and personal space. A simple dish native to your country or your spin on a local Canadian classic goes a long way. They will appreciate the time, love and care into the delicious tasty meal you prepare.

3.    Socialize with them

People love to communicate, be listened to and feel supported through conversation. If you spend time, sitting down and interacting with them, they will feel appreciated. Perhaps even go a step further and participate in activities outside of the house with your host family.

4.    Clean

Your hours at college may be different from what their work hours are. A simple tidy up or clean when they’re not around, may make them feel more appreciated coming home after a long day. After all, you’re an extra person in the house, and that extra pair of hands can save them time to do something else.

All of us in humans tend to reciprocate what we have, so if you provide sweet gestures of appreciation to the host families them, most likely they will do the same.