Online Resources to Help Students For Develop Their English

Online Resources to Help Students For Develop Their English

Visiting Canada and nervous because your English is a little bit rusty? Or perhaps you have a student with you who is struggling with their English?

Don’t worry, speaking another language can be difficult at first. However, English is so well-spoken nowadays and used online; there is an abundance of free online resources to help you smoothly become a fluent speaker.

Here at Five Star Home Stays, we have pooled together a list of top 5:

1.    ESL Lounge

ESL Lounge is used by teachers and students alike. It’s a website consisting of games, worksheets, songs and videos. This website aims to improve students’ grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. You can also filter out the work, depending on your level of proficiency in English.

2. British Council

Learn from the World’s best English teaching experts. The British Council has free resources on its website with videos, courses and worksheets to improve your English. Likewise, they have tests where they can help find your level of English.

3. FluentU

This is a mobile app that helps you learn a foreign language. FluentU has an English feature, where it focuses on music, TV Shows, news and talks. It brings in real-world scenarios to help you learn and pick up the language quicker. It is simulating a real-world experience.

4. BBC Learning English

A whole website funded by the BBC for free to help you learn English. This website serves as an excellent resource for teachers and students. They have sections for courses, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, news, business, quizzes and their app.

5. Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo is a language learning app that allows you to practice daily on different levels. It also reminds you on your smartphone if you’ve not been practicing enough or consistently to start doing so. It’s free to use, and if you want more words/features, there is a premium service. You can also compete against friends, have your learning personalized and receive immediate feedback.