Accommodation Options

Are you heading to Canada for studies?


We know moving away from your home can be one of the most life-changing and most significant steps you can take.

To help make the most of that leap, we at Five Star Homestays, want to ensure YOU that you’ve secured the best accommodation option. After all, as an international student, you have the right to utilize your time here to the fullest and have the best Canadian experience.

We understand, students often have different requirements and expectations about their standard of accommodation. Therefore, to address them, we provide different homestay packages making our property accessible for all.

However, we want you to know:

All of our accommodations are in the Centre, and if not, they’re near to transport links ready to quickly connect you to your place of study, work or any happening spot. We want to save you money on travel; therefore, most off-site accommodations are only a short distance.

Similarly, all host families are screened before you stay with them. We review their references, run criminal record checks and carry out interviews with them. It’s crucial for us, you have the highest quality living standard available to you while staying there.

All property has:

  • A furnished room with a window
  • A bed with clean linen (sheets, pillows and blankets)
  • Private storage for your belongings (chest of drawers and closet)
  • Shared bathroom access and fresh, clean towels
  • A quiet place to study in your own bedroom

However, for an extra cost we can offer:

  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • A private bathroom
  • Accommodation closer to your school
  • Personal Tours of the city
  • Unique learning programmes (home tutoring)
  • Custodianship letter

Similarly, Depending on your accommodation options and meals, the plans are:

1-Full Board – 3 Meals Per Day

Breakfast (Student Prepares their own) Lunch (Student Prepares their own) Dinner (Host Makes Dinner)

2-Half Board- 2 Meals Per Day

Breakfast (Typical Breakfast items) Dinner (Host Makes Dinner)

3-Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast (Typical Breakfast items)

Room Stay- 0 Meals

Access to the kitchen and cooking equipment. Foods can purchase, prepare food and must clean up after themselves.

Room Hold- 0 Meals

Available for students who leave their homestay temporarily. Their belongings can remain in their bedroom. However, if the student wishes they can have someone else stay in their room when they’re not present.

In regards to pricing and availability, please inquire further. Accommodation options vary depending on the location of Canada and the package you choose.