Services & Fees

You may be wondering how much does each accommodation package cost? The truth is at Fiver Star Home Stays; the price varies based on the location, type of accommodation and the package.

However, regardless of your package, our service makes sure you’re cared for before, during and after your stay.

Before Your Departure For Canada

We will do the following before you depart for your studies:

  • Assist you with your homestay application
  • Pair you up with a host family with similar interests
  • Send you a host profile with information on the host family you will be staying with
  • Send you documents about the Canadian culture and how to have a successful homestay experience

Our promise is good for everyone in the Five Star Homestay Program. It means our clients arrive in Canada to a supportive home environment, and are offered assistance at every stage of your visit in Canada. After their visit, many of our hosts and their students remain friends for life.

During Your Stay in Canada

On your arrival or during your homestay in Canada we will:

  • Give you a formal orientation to prepare you for your homestay
  • Provide you with support to learn how to use public transport, get to know the area, setting up a bank account, use a health clinic and much more
  • Have a catch-up session during your first month, to see how you are settling in
  • Allow you to effectively communicate with your homestay host and resolve any difficulties if needed
  • Be available whenever you need to talk
  • In the case of an emergency, provide 24-hour support

After Your Stay

Following your stay at Five Star Home Stays, we will:

-Follow up with a questionnaire/feedback form to see how you found our experience.

We also provide additional services at an extra price:

Airport pickup/Airport drop off

Are you worried about finding your feet in a new country? Don’t be; we have a personalized service where we pick you up straight from or drop you to the airport! After you’ve got your luggage, you will be picked up in comfortable, stylish and convenient transportation with a friendly driver. Your driver will be a professional chauffeur in a full suit and highly knowledgable of the roads. You may be worried this may be expensive, however, we provide our services at some of the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry!

Custodianship Letters

We guess as you’re an international student, you’ll most likely be arriving into Canada without your parents. If you’re under 18, the Canadian law states you’re a minor and must have a legal custodian guardian.

A legal custodian guardian’s role is to act as the primary contact between the school and the family. They are also to be responsible for your general wellbeing when in Canada.

If you’re living with a relative in Canada, they can do this. If not, our coordinators can step in and act as a legal custodian. To do this, you must sign an agreement and have consent from you, your family and the custodian. Simply, ask us for a form to do this.

Premium Custodianship

Alongside this, we also offer premium custodianship where parents can see more about how they’re children are getting on abroad. You can view your child’s academic process, but a premium service provides your child support with everyday issues.

Alongside this, we also offer:

  • Special Learning programmes (home tutoring)
  • A location closer to your school
  • Private bathroom
  • Custodianship Letter
  • Tours

Irrespective of your money, we strive to achieve 3 things:

  1. To provide you with appealing accommodation in Canada.
  2. For you and your host family to be a well-suited match
  3. To be in close contact for your time in Canada

If we fully deliver on our promise, you, as an international student, arrive in a supportive home environment. Similarly, if you need it, you are offered assistance during every stage of your Canadian experience. Likewise, don’t be surprised afterwards if you’ve become lifelong friends with your host, as many students and hosts do!

To fully understand what services your requirements and provide you with a quote, please email or click here.